NEW PRODUCT! | Brackets and adapters for clutches

June 27, 2022

In many references from our range of viscous clutches, the main shaft of the clutch is assembled to the vehicle by using a clutch bracket. These brackets are formed by two metallic parts assembled through a bearing or a silentblock.

If the bearing or the silentblock is defective, the failure risk of the viscous clutch and the fan will increase due to the excessive unbalance undergone by the fan and the clutch bearing.

For this reason, before assembling a new viscous clutch into the vehicle, it is important to check that the bracket where the viscous clutch is assembled is in optimal operating conditions.

Find the new brackets and adapters for clutches, already available in our web! 

Furthermore, let us remind you that you can access the assembly manual of the references in which the clutch bracket is more prone to deteriorate. Discover it here! 

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