How the volute housing influences the fan behaviour

June 24, 2022

The air flow is among the main features of a fan. It is one of the most relevant factors and it must be taken into account to select a fan properly, since it generates the fan power. 

However, there are other factors equally relevant that intervene in the cooling system, such as distribution and the flow line direction, which depend on the configuration of the fan within the vehicle. This means that the same fan can behave differently depending on how it is installed in the vehicle. 

Due to the wide range of engines that manufacturers install in commercial vehicles, the distribution of the flow generated by the fan plays a key role in the cooling of the engine block.

Among the most important aspects that intervene in this process, these should be highlighted:

  • The fan volute housing, a component of the cooling system available in some vehicles, which covers the fan blades as an external overlay. Its main function is to redirect the flow lines. Some fans already include this housing.
  • The clearance is the percentage of the fan covered by the housing.
  • The clearance also refers to the separation between the external diameter of the fan blades and the inner diameter of the housing. The lesser distance, the greater airflow in axial direction.

In addition, all these factors influence the fan power and consumption.

At Cojali Parts we have programs for 3D modelling and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis, thanks to which it is possible to simulate and know the characteristics of the air flow in any situation. Through these tools, the Cooling System Design Department is capable of selecting properly the most optimal fan for any application.

Choose the fan that better adapts to your vehicle needs! 

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