CSR of Cojali S. L. | Our commitment to responsible plastic consumption

November 25, 2021

Through the technological observation of materials and packaging systems, at Cojali we have integrated into our packaging processes a new wrapping machine of biodegradable stretch film.


Thanks to this machine, we achieve:


ü  Automating the pallet packaging process.

ü  Reaching a more responsible film consumption.

ü  Applying only the amount of plastic required in each package.


In this way, we have gone from using more than 4.5 annual tonnes of film to little more than 1 tonne per year, reducing the amount of plastic by more than 70%. Besides, the reels of biodegradable stretch film of this machine, apart from not releasing microparticles into the environment, decompose faster when the plastic accidentally reaches nature.


As part of our commitment to improving the environment around us, at Cojali we are constantly searching for packaging solutions oriented towards functional, economic and sustainable optimisation of resources and materials, thus reducing to the maximum the impact on the environment.


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